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Great Ideas For At Home Workouts

All these exercises videos were found on YouTube and they should be performed at your own risk.  Please talk with your physician if you have any questions about your ability to complete these exercises. If you experience any pain during these exercises, stop immediately and consult your physician.

Every player should remember to warm up before are exercises are performed to prevent injury.

Players should work on these running skills for 5 minutes every day. Pick 5 different running skills and try to master each of them for a one minute duration. (5 skills x 1 minute each = 5 minutes total)


This is a great video for dodging footwork. Doing each exercise for 1 minute and repeating this circuit 3 times in a row (with 30 second rest between each set) will develop great footwork skills. I encourage each player doing this every day. Sidewalk chalk can be used to replace the small hoops. 

More to come...