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Elkhorn Lacrosse Club

Step You Need to Take To Register

So you want to join the lacrosse family. AWESOME!!!
Follow the steps below and you too will be part of the fastest growing sport.

All the following steps need to be completed on a computer.  Smartphone registration will not work.

  1. All players 3rd thru 8th grade must first be US Lacrosse members. This membership will not only give you access to awesome resources to the sport of lacrosse, it will also provide your player with the necessary insurance to play lacrosse.  You need to visit and sign you player up to get access to your US Lacrosse Number.
  2. Once you have a US Lacrosse Number, create an account on our webpage and register your player with the club. All players will be grouped by grade.
  3. Need equipment? Our club can provide rental gear for $75.  If you plan on buying gear, contact Coach Mike at [email protected] for gear buying details.
  4. That's it. It is that easy to become a part of our lacrosse family. Unofficial practices will be scattered within the month of December (when Agility Center space is available)  Official practices will begin after the first of the year. Games will begin mid-April (weather depending)

A few additional notes.

  • Currently the club is following conference rules that teams are not co-ed played. This rule is being reviewed at this time.  If you have a daughter that wants to play, contact us at [email protected] to discuss current possibilities.  With enough girl interest, a girls team may be a possibility for the Spring season.
  • Kindergarten team must request a registration.  Kindergarten team has a 8 week instructional season with practices once a week.  Registration does not require US Lacrosse Membership.
  • 1st thru 2nd grade team will begin practice once a week when the snow melts and we can play outside.  This team will be instructional with some scrimmage games scheduled with other towns. Registration requires US Lacrosse Membership.
  • Afraid your basketball or baseball season will conflict with lacrosse? You should not worry.  Our club has worked with families who try to juggle more than one sport.  Contact Coach Mike at [email protected] to discuss how this process works.